If your election requirements are:

  • -   Accuracy
  • -   A low cost solution
  • -   Ease of handling
  • -   Speed
  • -   Retention of ballots for future reference

There is no better way to tabulate the results of an election than to scan your votes for a quick tabulation, very accurate count, and retain a record of ballots cast. A low cost card reader, combined using a voter friendly sized ballot has recently become very popular!

Many popular institutions utilize scanning (OMR) ballots such as: Scholistic, Unions, State and local County Government elections, including many Religious Organizations.

Our voting ballots are very customizable to manage all your electoral needs:

  • -   Small number of voters
  • -   Reduction in number of candidates
  • -   Absentee ballots
  • -   Ballot on demand
  • -   Laser- generated ballots
  • -   Print results on survey cards
  • -   Enhance your results with our customizable software to generate     results that can be printed in concise reports and exported into     MS Excel.

To receive samples of ballots, or if you have specific ideas on the design of how your product needs to look, please go to the Contact Us page to submit your request.