We have designed Health Risk Appraisals (HRAs) for twenty years. Health questionnaires can be intrusive because people are being asked many personal questions about their health and habits. The design layout and how the questions are presented can greatly influence the integrity of the responses. Lincolnshire Printing strives to produce Personal Health Surveys (PHAs) that are sensitive to the sometimes invasive nature of health-related questions.

Our health surveys are easy to use and offer a comprehensive look at the respondentsí health and habits. We can even individualize each survey using your company/office name database.

Health survey results can be easy to tabulate for doctors and insurance companies. Add our custom software to enhance the collection of patientís data in addition to a complete list of all applicable healthcare procedures performed in your medical practice. Results are billing and insurance record keeping are effortless and can be printed in simple, concise reports that can be exported into MS Excel too.

All forms utilized to date with various health organizations and industries are compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996).