“Maintaining a safe workplace is an ongoing process”

Work is never so urgent that we can forget or ignore safety. One of the most effective ways to observe and report safety issues is by using an OMR Safety Check-Off Form. Having the ability to observe and track conditions as one moves throughout your work environment could greatly effect your profitability. If you have unsafe conditions, you need to know about it now, record it, and how to correct it now.

Vehicle and truck safety check procedures are easily accomplished using a scannable safety check report. This report is filled out before and after each operation, ensuring Quality Control Procedures are in place and followed.

Maintenance of all equipment and vehicles are easily recorded and performed including maintaining a history for local unions and city official inspections. Driver log books are most effective to ensure your drivers and their vehicles are adhering to company, local, and CDL regulations (Duty status requirements of 49 CFR Section 395.8 and vehicle inspection regulations Sections 396.11, 396.13).

Safety check forms and logs can also be customized to include safety procedures check-off lists governing environmental or state-of-emergency disaster response to ensure your company employees are informed and follow the necessary protocol.